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Published on 20.11.2022

Tobias has a curse. Whoever he falls for, loves/marries someone else. He and his friends try and fail several times to break him out of this curse. Until, he meets Saraswathi a.k.a Sara, who has the same curse.

Crispello flipped the coin amidst Tobias whining about being unlucky in his love life. We wonder how clever the waiter is to quickly riddle our friend to get his share! After all - That’s how it can be shared, because Crispello vetting Naalayi sharing alle? Who can say no to crispies coated with a lavish layer of Cadbury Dairy milk that just crackles and melts inside the mouth..

Try the Crispy Crispello Chocolate and let us know how you managed to get rid of the extra person to enjoy the four finger Crispello. Purchase it from the nearby shops or place an online order to make your enjoyable experiences more crispier.

Special Thanks : 12 to 12 360 Restaurant, Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, Baker Hill, Kottayam, Kerala 686001
Costume Courtesy (Male) : North Republic, Victory Arcade, opposite Collectorate, Kottayam, Kerala 686002
Costume Courtesy (Female) : Teal Blue Store, Vaduthala kochi 682023 (IG @teal_blue_store_)

Video Credits

Written by: Amal Thaha & Sebastian PV
Directed by: Amal Thaha
Executive Producer: Sebastian PV
DOP: Tom Titus
Edited by: Amal Thaha
Costume, Hair & Makeup: Chippy Devassy
Cast: Amal Thaha, Sebastian PV, Chippy Devassy, Prapti Elizabeth, Sidharth Ramanathan, Johny James, Shelvin James
Supporting cast: Shreyas Pathari, Ashlin Salim, Meenakshi Jayan, Ajmal Muhammed, Harishankar, Marwa
Spacial Appearance: Avarachen Jr.
Edit assistants: Johny James, Ajmal Muhammed
Camera & Sound assistants: Ajmal Muhammed & Aadithyan K Sabu
Lighting: Tom Titus, Sidharth Ramanathan, Johny James, Ajmal, Aadithyan
Colourist: Johny James
Music and Mixing: Sandeep Sugunan
Poster, Animation & Thumbnail: Spacemarley
Subtitles: Sidharth Ramanathan

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Runtime 00:22:09

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