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Tej India
Tej India
Published on 17.03.2023

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Backbenchers are back! But this time they're in the Intercollege with a bigger bang!!

" #Backbenchers - #CollegeLife" is a Sequel to Backbenchers - School Life Featuring Dora Sai Teja & @varshadsouza as leads.

Written & Directed by:- Dhirajj Sourya [Dora Sai Teja]
( )

Story: Soma Shekar Reddy, Dhirajj Sourya [Dora Sai Teja]

Produced by Sd Chada

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Dhirajj Sourya [Dora Sai Teja]

Varsha Dsouza
( )

Neeraj Kumar

Ananya Jinka

Uma Mahesh

Prathyusha baradwaj

Ishmart Malayaja


Chandra bhanu

Sheshu babu

Sai krishna


Actor vinay babu

Sathwik Groy


Co-director: Neeraj Bandari

DOP: Ronaddhirr

Music: Sudeep Kurni

Editing: Madhu Kallepalli

SFX: Nagarjuna Reddy

DI: Kumba Shiva Kumar

Posters: Sagar Mudhirazz

VFX: Hemanth Korimi

Sound Engineer: Mahesh Kondra, Venkat Kotapati.

Assistant DOP: Yashwanth Ravella.

Assistant Directors:
Manne VishnuVardhan

Bharath Karupakula.

Executive Manager: Venkatesh Reddy

Executive Producer: Sathwik G Roy

#Backbenchers #CollegeLife #DoraSaiTeja #VarshaDsouza

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Runtime 00:50:06

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