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Curly Tales
Curly Tales
Published on 17.03.2023

On this episode of Tera Gully Mein, we met Kapil Sharma and had a trip down memory lane in Amritsar. From binging on buttery Amritsari Kulchas at Kartar's Pehalwan Kulcha to devouring some divine Amritsari Kulfa ar A - One Kulfa, Kamiya and Kapil experienced a food coma at Amritsar.

Kapil also showed us around his Amritsar home and the theatre Punjab Naatshala where he previously worked at. He spoke to us about his childhood, his struggling journey, his battle with depression, his marriage life, the upcoming film Zwigato and much more.

Kamiya Jani & Kapil Sharma had a phenomenal time exploring Amritsar. Hope you enjoy the video too!

00:00 - Introduction
01:30 - Welcome Kapil Paaji
02:20 - Talking About Memories From Amritsar
04:00 - Kartar's Pehalwan Kulcha
06:50 - School Days
07:20 - Becoming A Comedian
08:20 - Working In A PCO
10:00 - Singing Session With Kapil Sharma
15:00 - Love From Fans And Getting Famous
18:20 - Fun Game With Kapil
19:20 - Punjab Naatshala
22:00 - First Salary And Past Jobs
24:30 - Childhood Home
27:00 - Moving To Mumbai
28:40 - Kapil Talks About Success
31:50 - Upcoming Movie
35:00 - Talking About Insecurity And Low Phase In Life
36:30 - Kapil's Love Story
40:00 - Love For Travel
42:00 - A - One Kulfa
44:50 - Thank You Kapil :)

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